Tile Roofs for a Sense of Tuscany in Virginia

In an area where colonial home styles rule, we do not build many houses with clay tile roofing.  Though tile roofing is more common in Florida, the southwestern US and other tropical habitats, tile can be elegantly incorporated into a home in the Virginia countryside.

_MG_5386These photos show one of our recent projects, a Tuscan-style home, using a blend of two Spanish Tile colors by Ludowici Roof Tile of Lexington, Ohio, installed by Clarke County Roofing and Guttering of Berryville, VA.

_MG_5384Through the Marvin push out casement window you can see the clay tile roofing, copper guttering and copper flashing.  Also visible is the native fieldstone veneer and timber headers.  Look carefully and you will see randomly placed “boosted” tiles – tiles mortared with intentional carelessness simulating generations-old “repairs” to broken tiles as it would have been done “in the day”.

There are pros and cons to including a clay tile roof in your new or renovated house plans.  They will last longer than most other roofs – seventy-five years and more – and they are fireproof and resistant to weather’s debilitating effects.  The weight of tile roofing will require a significantly strengthened structural roof frame, and venting – a must in our mid-Atlantic climate – requires non-standard techniques planned in advance of construction. Tile roofs are also fragile so repairs and maintenance should only be done by professionals.

For over 30 years Maidstone has successfully helped to engineer all types of roofs and gutters and can help you achieve the roofing look you want for your new home or renovation.

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