A tribute to an old friend & a fine carpenter

Mike Wren, lead carpenter and foreman with Maidstone Construction since 1983, died April 25, two weeks after suffering a heart attack. He was 59. He passed away with his wife Bonnie, his daughter Erin, her husband Jeremy and son Dexter, and his extended family at his side.

Brad and Mike first worked together in 1981 in McLean for Brad’s northern Virginia based commercial construction company. When Brad and Jim Hackman formed Maidstone Construction in 1983, they reached out to Mike, already a highly skilled carpenter. To their great good fortune, he agreed to join the company as their first employee.

Mike Wren

Mike Wren

During his 32 years with Maidstone, Mike made countless friends and gained innumerable admirers. Mike touched many lives – not only through our business community and our clients, but with the town and his family and his friends.

Mike wore many hats with Maidstone Construction. In addition to lead carpenter and supervisory duties, Mike was an excellent finish carpenter, cabinetmaker, furniture maker, auto mechanic, small engine repairer – you name it, he could do it. He enjoyed photographing nature and wildlife and especially trains. Many of his works are featured on our website.

Beneath that slow talking deadpan demeanor was a sharp wit, thoughtful observer, and wonderful family man. No one was more loyal, more dependable, or more honest. Mike was a man with not a sliver of conceit or arrogance and who never sought praise.
Mike will be missed by all.

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  • Jane Baker May 27, 2015, 4:16 pm

    So many things enjoyed from my friendship with Mike—motorcycling, photography, chatting about growing up in the midwest, how to fix things in my house! You really captured what type of wonderful person he was. He did the little things and always offered to help—great friend to be greatly missed, and always remembered.

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